A word from Sheree

Just a few days ago I was discussing ‘the giant pit of dispair’ with someone close to me. We descovered that we both being taken on a journey in our own seperate lives, that was testing us and our faith . In the last year or so we had both been through some pretty tough things and it was still happening, from having our dreams and hearts desires put aside or at the time it felt like our hearts had been torn, experiencing deceit, grief, sickness among much more.

We joked about the ‘Giant pit of dispair’ which was seemingly ‘hanging’ over our shoudlers… just waiting…. tapping at us… waiting for us to fall in and give up.

We will never give up! Although yes we can fall, cry and scream out for the Lord, we will not give up.

We were able to laugh and share our stories together, I guess comforted by the fact that our father in heaven was listening in and had his hand on us. I know I will never give up because he is my strength when I am weak..

The ‘Giant Pit Of Dispair’ will tap all belivers on the shoulder at some point in their lives, Its our response that matters.

Run and give up, Or stay and fight?




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