The winning side!

As people of faith, when we first come to Jesus, often it was a crisis in our lives that led us to seek help, and in turn find that help in God.  Sometimes we just don’t know what to do or where to turn in lifes crisis times, or just life’s problems for that matter.  Do we know even the type of help we seek?  Is it a temporary fix to get us out of trouble?  Or is it something deeper, more lasting?

Psalm 32: 7-8 says basically: (7) God you are a hiding place for me, there you’ll protect me in troubled times.  I’ll be surrounded by victorious songs. (8) And you God, will guide and teach me the best way in life, also with that, I’ll have your advise and protection.
Wow, good remedy for hard times I say.  So when crisis, troubles, perplexing problems – life – comes our way, He’s there, He’s helping, He’s listening and active.  And with our willingness to allow Him to say and do the perfect things to ‘fix’ our needs, and not try in our wisdom or strength, we’ll soon be through the battles and storms.  We are on the winning side, we must never forget that.
Rev. Stephen Hills

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