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Learn How God created His Church to function as a healthy and united body. Find explanations on how God gifts Christians, how He shapes our character and why Five-Fold Ministers are so important in His great plan of redemption.

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July 2012

What  a great day it is when you look at the church congregation during your regular Sunday Service and realise you need to put out an extra row of seats.  Praise God that we are embracing many new people this year into our Church family.

A Church family consists of  people with varying pasts, opinions and ways of doing things.  The factor that keeps a church in unity as a body of believers is Jesus being glorified, Him exalted, and Him as the source of for all things. Its through His shed blood that we are saved and its through His love that we function well as such a diverse group of people.


May 2012

Highway of Hope Christian Church (our church name) has attracted some interesting comments over the years! Its not a traditional church name by any means, and our building is not even close to a highway!  However about 5 years ago, when our church was still very young the Lord gave me a vision.

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